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Earlier this week, rumors broke that Tyrese was secretly dating Whitney Houston. The “National Enquirer” reported that Tyrese and Whitney met during the Grammys and Whitney asked him out on a date after that. As bizarre as that may sound, let’s not forget a few years ago when Whitney was allegedly dating Ray J. With that being said, this rumor doesn’t seem too far fetched- at least not to me anyway.

Tyrese took to Twitter to respond to the rumors, tweeting: “Negative blogs, press, blurbs, people spreading negative things. Rumors. I rest WELL at night cause none of these things matter anymore.Man if ya’ll don’t GTFOH with this dumb s**t.. Hahahahahaahahaa… #NEVER… I repeat.. NEVER..!!”

Whitney’s 18-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, definitely wasn’t going to allow Tyrese to talk about her mama without saying something. She took to her own Twitter page to address Tyrese’s comments and tweeted: “Lmao @ @Tyrese . . Damn it’s like that?! Hah well to clear it up, TRUST ME, MY MOM WOULD NEVER. Hah #shesroyalty. Wouldn’t want em, noworries:)”

And of course, Tyrese responded with: “No disrespect ..I have never and will NEVER date Whitney Houston.. Can’t be serious.. Someone must be bored as s**t.. #Stopitplz”

As random as this “twitter beef” is, this whole thing definitely dismissed any indication that the two could possibly be dating!