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On the weekend my Twitter timeline was flooded with Kim Kardashian bashing, love, re-tweets, more bashing including a debate, initiated by yours truly. Folks were outraged that the newlyweds chose to bank off their nuptials. The couple raked in over 18 million dollars consisting of a deal with E! to air a 2-hour exclusive wedding special in October, wedding photos sold to People magazine and freebies such as Kim’s gown, cake and invitations.

Can you say heyyyy?

I am in support of the hefty paycheck. I am also in support of Kim’s hustle despite her tarnished reputation and sea of side eye giving critics who feel as though her rise to fame is all one big joke. Ok I’ll be honest, she’s no mother Theresa, no scholar, no saint, but she has a keen eye for opportunity and has managed to build an empire while many of us stay at home watching it all while stuffing Cheetos into our mouths.

This post is not all about Kim, it’s about and for my ladies.

Should we put a price tag on marriage? Why the heck not! I think we are so conditioned to only seek out true love that we forget about what it takes to run a household.

Am I suggesting we all go put on some skin tight outfits and seek out a baller? Not even close! But I would like to see more women of color especially, see past the love and lust and begin to think of marriage in terms of an investment. Not only is marriage about a union between two loving individuals, it’s about building on that foundation. In marriage you will hopefully go on to own property, cars, stock etc. Before saying I do, think about your future account together as well. Have the talk about finances, and most importantly make sure he’s not coming into the union with 6-figures and you are coming in with a bag and vice versa- that ain’t right!

HB Family when it comes to celebrity marriage do you think the amount of money offered for photos and exclusive coverage is getting out of hand?

Do you believe that women should put a price tag on love or are finances something that will work itself out in time?

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