Whitney Houston could be starring alongside Jordin Sparks in the remake Sparkle.

Whitney is in talks to for a major role in Sparkle, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This comes along with news that comedian Mike Epps is also set for a role in the film as Satin, a comic that gets one of the main characters hooked on drugs.

S2S reported news of the Sparkle remake back in March and since then Paula Patton had been attached to the film, although she wouldn’t say which role she might take. Many speculated that she would play the lead role.

Now, however, THR reports that Jordin Sparks will play the title character in the film. Jordin seems to like how that credential rolls off of the tongue. “Jordin Sparks as Sparkle has a nice ring to it,” she told E! News.

Although Sparkle is not an outright musical (like Dreamgirls), it does have its melodic moments.  According to Jordin, who has read the script front-to-back, she would get a chance to sing with Whitney for a moment, should the diva be cast.

Whitney would play the movie’s disparaging matriarch.  “If she is in it, I will be stepping back just watching her the entire time,” said Jordin. “I’m so excited, I hope she’s in it.”