Kindred Separate Is Still Equal As Long As I Stick With You

By BridgetEE

Most often when you say family things that come to mind is love, respect and unity. A family bond should never be broken whether it was bound in blood or through God, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health no man should be able to come in between. You come into this world through family and you will leave by family. The most true testament of family is a saying that goes, “If you love something let it go if it returns its yours, but if it doesn’t it never was”, family returns others do not. In music the same rule applies what is ordained as Kindred shall always be equal and bound, although somethings will be separate as long as I stick with you it will always be one…You say WTH??!!! LOL

This past summer I met a family at a show, not just any family but Kindred The Family Soul. When I initially met them I felt like it was Christmas in June, I’m standing here talking to one of my favorite groups and they’re talking back, LOL. But from meeting them I have a new-found deeper respect for the sanctity of family and marriage. Not only are Fatin and Aja husband and wife, they are also son and daughter, brother and sister, mother and father. They are a family that understands, honors and respects each others rolls that not only translates through talking to them but it resonates through their music. There has been others that have been bound through marriage as well as  through music but what makes them different are the common goals of their institution (and its OK to Honor  and Obey ladies as well as submitt when you have your true God-given partner ;) )  and at the end of the day, KINDRED.   Their new CD Love Has No Recession displays their old school values in new school times, together on this CD they show together that Magic Happens and now  Aja shows that its OK to go solo and her Kindred Spirit Fatin will still “Stick With You”.  Enjoy as Kindred the wife professes her love separate but still equal…Please Listen and Enjoy Responsibly…and on this one attach it to your own relationship….

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