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What do you do if your child wants to be a Girl Scout? You take your child to the troop leader to sign-up. This is a different case though because Bobby Montoya, a 7-year-old boy from Denver wants to be a Girl Scout.

Montoya’s mother Felisha Archuleta spoke with 9News in Denver and revealed her conversation with the Girl Scouts Troop Leader:

“What’s the big deal? She said, ‘It doesn’t matter how he looks; he has boy parts, he can’t be in Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts don’t allow that, and I don’t want to be in trouble by parents or my supervisor.”

Vice President of Communications at Girl Scouts of Colorado released their statement, saying:

“Girl Scouts is an inclusive organization, and we accept all girls in kindergarten through 12th grade as members. If a child lives life as a girl and the family brings the child to us to participate in Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her. Girl Scouts of Colorado respects the privacy of all girls and families we work with. When a family requests membership for their daughter, we do not require proof of gender, we respect the decisions of families.”

Given that in this case it’s the decision of Bobby’s family to bring him in to Girl Scouts, then the child seems like he’s getting his wish.

How about you? Would you allow Bobby Montoya, a 7-year-old boy to become a Girl Scout?