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Shocking Statistics: Why Your Long-Term Boyfriend May Not Be Attracted to You

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And do you like how your he looks? If you think your adorable, he’ll-cook-dinner-and-walk-the-dog sweetie could still use some help when it comes to his grooming, you’re not alone. Married ladies or those with long-time dudes might have seen the stars of new love fade away as they start wondering why he doesn’t shave more. Or get a hair cut. Or spend a little extra time at the gym (ouch.).

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The makers of cosmetic filler Restylane commissioned a study by Harris Interactive to find out how married couples feel about their significant other’s appearance.

Four in ten adults said their relationship with their partner would be better if the other person cared more about his or her appearance.

A little over 50% of those surveyed said they were less attracted to their partner when they weren’t taking care of their appearance.

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And it looks like a fact that guys really do care more about physical things than us ladies. Men were more likely than woman to say they’d like their partner to pay more attention to their appearance and that ignoring it makes them feel less turned on (58% and 57% respectively).

So what’s the take-away? Don’t let the comfort of a steady relationship distract you from your cardio or grooming (as if we needed an excuse to set up a mani/pedi appointment…). And when crunched for time, spend more time focusing on your face than your behind. Nine out of ten people surveyed said they were extremely attracted to their better half’s face, while only seven out of ten said the same for their bod.

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