THINK LIKE A MAN: Can You Turn A Ho Into A Housewife Or Husband?

Apr 25, 2012
By HelloBeautifulStaff

Should you hold someone accountable for their past sexual encounters? What is an acceptable number of partners for a female? Will females/males be honest about their number of sexual partners?

Our dating experts share their thoughts on this hot topic.

(Jozen Cumming) HE SAID:

Of course you can turn a ho into a housewife. In order to do that, a man has to grow up and stop letting rap songs define what makes and doesn’t make a woman worthy of wife status.

Women should have a right to do what they want without being called a ho. It’s not wrong, what any woman does, it’s wrong they get called derogatory names for doing exactly what men want to do.

The fact is, a woman has a past, and in that past may be some things with which we don’t agree, but holding it against her to the point where we believe she can’t change or evolve? Ridiculous. We live life in stages, and a lot of women go through a ho stage, but they don’t stay there. Men go through one too, and eventually, whether a man wants to or not, he will outgrow a similar stage. For anyone who has ever skipped the ho stage, I would actually go so far as to say, they missed a very important step.

In other words, a woman who has had her ho stage arguably will become a better housewife.

Now before any of you say I’m tripping, understand something about women: The way men define a ho is usually based upon a woman’s want, need, and desire for sex. Well, as it turns out, most women have the same sexual appetite as a man, but because we’ve somehow found a way to degrade women for indulging themselves, a woman waits for a relationship before she brings out her inner ho. Once she discovers it, the woman is secure enough to explore that side of her so she will do one of two things:

1) Break up and explore it on her own.

2) Stay in the relationship and explore it behind the back of her unassuming man for the sake of keeping up the housewife persona.

Neither of these things are problems you want.

Let her get in touch with her inner ho on her own accord, and allow her to grow out of it herself. Trust me, just like a good husband will have gotten the ho out of him long before he settles down, a good woman will have done the same and changed not because of a man but because she wanted to do so herself.

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