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5 reasons to stay in your marriage

Yahoo! Contributor Network

By Stephanie Modkins | Yahoo! Contributor Network

Thinking of filing for divorce? Before you visit an attorney, weigh your options. Leaving your mate may not make life better. Instead, you could end up worse off than before you walked down the aisle. Below are five reasons to stay in your marriage and create the happy ever after you’ve been dreaming of.

1. The grass isn’t greener.

Despite what you might believe, every couple has problems that pop up throughout their relationship. A more attractive, rich or easygoing spouse won’t completely eliminate your troubles. The key is to work through your issues with the spirit of compromise and relinquish a few of your desires in the name of love.

2. Finding love isn’t easy.

2010 statistics displayed at state that 20.4% of males and 13.8% of females over the age of 40 have never been married. Undoubtedly, out of this group, a few individuals were probably yearning to find a partner. Yet, as they aged, the pool of single people grew smaller. Therefore, a major reason to stay in your marriage is that you may not be able to find another spouse, especially if you’re older.

3. Children of divorce suffer.

Forget about all of those TV shows that romanticize divorce and minimize the effects on children. Whether your offspring are young or old, they will suffer after you split with your mate. reports that the children of divorced parents have more behavioral problems than those from intact families. As a result, you not only have to deal with being single again, but an out-of-control son or daughter.

4. Your finances may dwindle.

Money isn’t everything until you need a few dollars to pay for rent, food and lights. According to, on average men become significantly richer after divorce. Women, on the other hand, drop about one-fifth in income. In consideration of this fact, another reason to stay in your marriage is to hold onto wealth. You don’t want another person enjoying the fruits of your labor because you couldn’t resolve an issue.

5. The sexual revolution is over.

AIDS changed the fabric of sex in America. One-night stands aren’t cute anymore because the participants can walk away with a life-threatening disease. For this reason, monogamous married people can have a much greater sex life because they don’t have the anxiety of wondering whether or not their partner is clean. Ready to take another stab at your relationship.  Original Story

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