A whole new day of life

It is a rare and wonderful privilege just to be able to experience this moment. Make whatever you do fully worthy of all you have.

You have the considerable good fortune of being immersed in a sea of positive possibilities. Realize how useless and ridiculous it is to complain about what is, when you have the power to choose what to do.

Sure, there is sadness and disappointment, pain, uncertainty and great challenge in your world. Yet you have the opportunity to transcend it all with love and life, with purpose and passion.

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Especially when it feels like you have it bad, remind yourself how truly good you have it. Then do something good and valuable and meaningful and beautiful with what you have.

Express gratitude for your good fortune not merely in words, but in the way you live. Make full, positive and consequential use of each moment as you move through it.

Whatever this day brings you, it also brings you a whole new day of life. Choose to make joyful and worthy use of every precious moment.

— Ralph Marston

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