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This isn’t your father’s America and guess what? I couldn’t be happier!  Today the Republican party is realizing that the model they’ve been using for decades to win Presidential elections (sure up the south, poach enough blue collar whites in the Midwest and stir up the base) is now null and void. For the first time in American history a President was elected to the White House while losing the white vote by more than 20 points.  America has changed.

Gone are the days where African-Americans sit out the process because of apathy and disenfranchisement. Gone are the days where young people don’t vote and forego their powerful voice in the direction of the country.  Gone are the days where Latinos (the future majority in this country) make up less than 10% of the electorate.  And most importantly: gone are the days where the politics of fear and division, voter suppression, and race baiting work.  How do we know these days are gone? It has now been proven by two back-to-back Electoral College landslide elections. I couldn’t be more proud. America has changed.

A broad coalition of diverse Americans stood in line for hours, turned out in record numbers in Cuyahoga county and other counties nationwide, and propelled President Barack Obama to his second term as well as gave the Democrats three new seats in the Senate and roughly eight new seats in the House but that is still in firm Republican control.  This diverse coalition also approved ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington and same-sex marriage in Maine, Maryland, and Washington. How long before other states follow suit?  America has changed.


Republicans stomped their feet, dug in their heels, and did everything in their power to prevent President Obama from winning a second term.  They called him the “Food Stamp President”, a Socialist, a Communist, and the “most divisive President in our history” and for that they were rewarded with a RTA bus driver style uppercut in last night’s election.  As long as the Republican party continues to cater its policy to and continues to look like the picture above, a  non diverse throwback to the 1950s in appearance and in ideology, then they will continue to lose national elections.  Only next time the margin of defeat will be bigger.  America has changed.


I am not a Republican, but I understand that in order to get things done in this country both sides must find common ground.  Republicans must understand this too.  If the Republican party continues on its path of exclusion, stubbornness, and division then their base will continue to shrink and they will become irrelevant before you know it.  I implore my Republican friends to stop the name calling, stop the voter suppression efforts, stop the blatant disrespect of the President of the United States of America, and get to work on doing your part to help fix the mess that exists in Washington D.C.  Do so or face extinction…. America has changed.










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