When we think of our favorite hood films — the movies that we grew up watching and know nearly all the words too — the leading ladies come to mind. Many of these classic films are still relevant today because of the Hollywood’s actresses who were able to play insightful characters and tell accurate stories about urban life with humor and class.

There’s nothing like a good ‘ol classic, so let’s take a look back at 7 our favorite hood chicks from the big screen.

1. Janet Jackson as Justice in Poetic Justice

Janet Jackson’s role in this 1993 film coined the term “Poetic Justice braids.” She played a young girl growing up in South Central, Los Angeles who used her poetry to deal life’s obstacles.

2. Queen Latifah as Cleo in Set If Off

Queen Latifah played a true gangster as Cleo in 1996′s Set If Off. She wore her hair in cornrows, organized a bank robbery and shot at the police at the end of the film.


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