By Lori Bizzoco | Yahoo! Contributor

1. He Makes Heavy Eye Contact. “Heavy eye contact soon after you meet is a red flag. Research shows that if he holds a stare for more than two seconds, he is physically aroused.

2. He Shrugs His Shoulders.  watch for the shoulder shrug during conversation with your date; it’s often a clear indication he’s either not telling the complete story or he’s avoiding a topic that’s uncomfortable for him. For instance, if a guy shrugs while saying he’s never been in a serious relationship, it’s possible your date has commitment issues-a good clue to keep in mind for the future.

3. He Leans Away.  “If he’s scanning the room and leaning back, then it sounds like you’re having trouble keeping his attention.” Additionally, take note if your date is facing away from you. “Experts say that if his feet point in another direction or his body turns away this implies that he’s looking for a way to escape. This can also be a sign of anxiety.”

4. His Arms Are Crossed. If a guy crosses his arms throughout a date, his guard is up or he wants to be left alone – both signify that he’s not enjoying the evening.

5. He Licks His Lips. Walsh says that, by drawing attention to his mouth, your date is revealing his desire for a physical relationship: “If his mouth opens slightly, exposing a relaxed tongue, and his eyes scan down your body, it’s a clear red flag.”

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