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By julieminer

He will think you’re spending too much money

Most men react to certain expenditures like someone who has just woken from a 30-year coma.  “Milk costs $4 a gallon? Has the world gone mad?!”

He will want sweet, sweet lovin’

It continues to be a very big deal. What would once count as a foul becomes pretty normal. Especially after the arrival of offspring. Particularly if one of them is a light sleeper.

Your body may look different, you may be exhausted, or you may be preoccupied with unpaid bills or the fact that the house has caught on fire. Not important. Sexy time remains a critical priority for the health and happiness of the male species.

You will learn stuff you didn’t want to know

You will be forced to learn a lot about things that you may currently feel are boring as hell. It’s whatever your husband is interested in.

He will say things

Things that will make your blood boil. And he will have no bloody idea that he’s just said something that triggered an eye twitch and a severe episode of the raging B.

There will be piles

I’m talking about the stack of baseball books, alumni magazines, newspapers, and random other stuff that are literally formed into piles and left all over the house.

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