As billed and promoted, this past weekend’s “Iyanla Fix My Life” on OWN with DMX was a doozy.

Vanzant had her hands full and more with the mentally unstable and addicted rapper who at one point during his rant told her to “shut the f*ck up!


There’s no doubt that the life of DMX, nee Earl Simmons, is in need of serious fixing. If you missed the emotionally draining and riveting 90-minute intervention, we’ve got clips below for you to check out.

But here’s what’s also interesting. Now that the show has aired, via a statement, DMX and his people are accusing OWN of not having permission to use the footage that was shown. They also say Iyanla … are you ready for this … focused on the wrong things. Here’s whatDMX’s representative, Domenick Nati of Nati Celebrity Services, sent

“DMX agreed to be a guest on ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ with the understanding that she would be helping his relationships with his 10 children,” the statement says. “When he arrived for the taping, most of the content was focused on his struggles with drugs and poor parenting. Iyanla did not ‘fix’ DMX’s life just made his image worse, and does not have DMX’s personal written consent to use the footage.”

Well, that’s not Iyanla told when asked about the show with DMX. Vanzant said Tashera Simmons, the rapper’s ex-wife, encouraged him to it and that he agreed to discuss everything.

“His ex-wife wrote in and asked if we would be able to support him. And then he agreed that he needed some support and would do the show. The biggest difficulty was just his capacity to be vulnerable and to speak honestly about what was going on with him.”

Vanzant added …

“I don’t think that he went wrong. All of us have ways in which we mask and cover our pain. This is a man who is in a tremendous amount of pain. Some of us eat; some of us shop or eat chocolate. What he is doing is a less socially acceptable way to mask and cover his pain because he doesn’t have the skills and the tools to deal with it otherwise. So I don’t think he went wrong, it’s just a defense mechanism.”

While ignoring the obvious, the statement from DMX’s proceeds to promote his upcoming music project.

“What the team does want DMX’s fans to know is that he is working on a new album that will include Swizz Beatz and we hope to also work with Timbaland, Dr. Dre, and Kanye West.,” it said. “Another announcement is his upcoming film ‘Blame It On The Hustle’ Mekhi Phifer and Ving Rhames.”

Check out some clips from the emotionally charged “Iyanla Fix My Life” with DMX.

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