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*Sportscaster/journalist, Chris Broussard went on air Monday and totally gay-bashed Jason Collins, the first active NBA player to expose his homosexuality.

During an episode of ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” Chris said he “would not characterize the athlete as a Christian,” mind you in front of his openly gay colleague, LZ Granderson.

“Personally, I don’t believe that you can live an openly homosexual lifestyle or an openly, like premarital sex between heterosexuals. If you’re openly living that type of lifestyle, then the Bible says you know them by their fruits. It says that, you know, that’s a sin. If you’re openly living in unrepentant sin, whatever it may be, not just homosexuality, whatever it maybe, I believe that’s walking in open rebellion to God and to Jesus Christ. So I would not characterize that person as a Christian because I don’t think the bible would characterize them as a Christian.”

Watch Broussard’s comment below. Meantime, Granderson retorted, saying, “I really don’t need Chris or anyone else telling me if I’m a Christian because Jesus tells me I am.”

Broussard has gone on record, in writing, saying that he believes the NBA is “ready” for the first out player. But in the same piece expressed that it would make him “a little uncomfortable” to shower with a gay teammate.

In the wake of Chris Broussard’s comment, ESPN has released this rather tepid statement:

“We regret that a respectful discussion of personal viewpoints became a distraction from today’s news. ESPN is fully committed to diversity and welcomes Jason Collins’ announcement,” the network said in a statement issued to The Hollywood Reporter.

As we reported, on Monday Collins became the first openly gay professional athlete to admit being a homosexual in an article he penned for Sports Illustrated. Tuesday morning he will give his first interview since the article’s publication during the ABC News segment with George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America.”


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