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black-couple-in-bedBy Anna Davies, REDBOOK. 

“When are you going to finish?” 
“Sex is supposed to make us feel closer than ever, but when I hear this, I feel disconnected,” explains Jeff R., 40, from Keller, TX. “Up until that point, I assumed we were both having a good time. When I hear this, I feel like she’s just counting down the seconds until it’s over, which makes me feel horrible.” Instead say, “I really really want you to climax,” suggests Emily Morse, host of the radio show Sex With Emily, and author of Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight. “Letting him know how much you want to see him let go shows him how much his pleasure turns you on.” He’ll get the hint without an accidental ego bruise. 

“Did you hear the baby? Can you go check?” 
“It’s the worst because there’s nothing we can do about it,” says Gabe K., 34, of Los Angeles, CA. “It’s inevitable, and of course, we’re going to go and check, but we’re human – it’s frustrating!” Sure, chances are very slim you’ll pick up where you left off, but saying “hold that thought,” lets your guy know how much you cherish the time you have alone together – even if it is interrupted – and makes it clear to him that he’s still a huge priority in your life.

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