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When thinking about him, you’re living in a time that doesn’t exist. You’re either living in the past or living in the future – neither of which exists. The only time that does exist is right now. And that’s where you need to live. If not, you’re literally letting your life just go by. You need to enjoy it and experience it. If you’re trying to escape it because you’re bored or unhappy, you need to address that. How can you change your current situation into a life you really love? Do you need to be more grateful? Do you need a career change? Do you need to be around more positive people?

When we escape our present moment, it usually means there’s something in our life that doesn’t make us happy and we need to get rid of it. Meaning, you may need to take an inventory of your present situation.

Looking to clear your mind of the relationship that didn’t work out? In a nutshell, here’s what you want to do: recognize what you’re thinking about, release the thought, and take your mind back to what is happening to you right now, in the present moment.

After all, right here, right now, is where the magic happens. Don’t miss it!

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