1. The High School Boyfriend

The Situation: He’s the Zach to your Kelly, and you love him and everything, but you’re going to different colleges hours apart. Should you try to make it work long-distance or forget it?

What You Should Do: Ditch his ass.

Hear us out: It’ll be hard, but holding on to your high school boyfriend is like holding on to your past. “College is your time to re-invent yourself, not spend hours on video chat talking to your high school flame while the rest of your dorm is exploring new adventures and making new friends,” Battista says.
2. The Summer Coworker

The Situation: You bonded over fetching coffees, bitching about your boss, happy hour drinks, and make outs. But should you take Intern Boy into fall?

What You Should Do: Hang out with him more outside of the office.

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