Your eyes

When it comes to sex appeal, one size does not fit all. As you’ll see in the following slides, sexiness is less about specific body parts—and more about the things you do and the unique combination of physical and emotional traits you possess.

Whoever said that the eyes are the windows of the soul was right on target. Women can tell a lot about a man by the directness of his gaze and the twinkle in his eye, so it’s a sure thing that your partner thinks your eyes are sexy.

You smell good

When it comes to the olfactory, there are as many favorite scents as there are noses. She may buy you cologne that she likes, or she may prefer the fresh, clean fragrance of your skin after a shower. If you’re wondering what scent she likes best, ask her.

You’re affectionate

Women like to know they are loved, and one of the surest ways to show her is with affection: quick kisses, a hug, or the brush of your hand when you pass in the hall. Affection leading to sex is great, but affection “just because” is a wonderful way to make her feel loved.

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