The conclusion of the ‘R&B Divas; L.A.’ reunion was as wild and revealing as everyone expected! The reunion became the most watched show in TV One’s history.

The ladies were open and revealing about every topic that was broached, from sexual abuse as children and physical abuse at the hands of significant others to plastic surgery, and of course, all the drama that surrounded the show this season.

Michel’le shocked everyone revealing that Dr. Dre was remarkably abusive to her during their relationship, saying she had plastic surgery to repair a broken nose caused by a boyfriend. Wendy Williams was quick to do some math and deduce that said boyfriend was likely Dr. Dre.

Li’l Mo broke down while watching Kelly Price discuss sexual abuse she endured as a child at just three years old. Li’l Mo revealed she and her sister had also been victims of sexual abuse around that age.

Of course, there was a lot to be discussed involving the show itself. You can watch the whole episode below.

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