1. Kruger National Park, South Africa

There’s something primal about being in a remote landscape surrounded by cheetahs, rhinos, and elephants that can be perfect for a couple looking to get back to nature. Singita Sweni Lodge, tucked into the trees of the 33,000-acre national park on the border of Mozambique, is the ideal setting to cuddle up on a safari getaway. The glass-walled suites have a luxe tree-house feel-and absolutely no screens, TV or otherwise, to ruin the view or interrupt your time together. The lodge excels at arranging swoon-worthy meals for couples. A lantern-lit dinner for two under the stars? Breakfast by the river? Then take in all the spectacular natural beauty on open-air jeep rides, where you’ll be among the wildlife, including prides of lions and herds of giraffe. If that’s just not intimate enough, Sweni can organize a morning of mountain biking or hiking in the bush. Then see just how close you can get.

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2. The Dalmatian Coast

Follow the Adriatic coastline to find some of the best beaches and most gorgeous views in Europe. Start in Dubrovnik. When the crowds get to be too much in the main square, ditch them and slip away to Buza Bar, a cozy watering hole built high up on the southern ramparts of the medieval Old Town walls. If the calm sea below beckons you, you can dive into it from the bird’s-nest perch. Spend a night or two at Hotel Bellevue, where plush suites afford views of stellar sunsets. The concierge can arrange a yacht tour of the neighboring Pelješac Peninsula. Drop by the Korta Katarina winery, where you can sip little-known vintages in the verdant countryside. After a refreshing dip in the ink-blue waters that it sits beside, sail on to the picturesque island of Korčula. Slip inside the town’s 13th-century walls and leave all your modern-day distractions completely behind.  Read More

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