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According to the Huffington Postduring an interview on the Arsenio Hall Show, the Preachers of LA discussed the backlash that they have been receiving for their teachings and their ways of living life in front of the camera. It was an interview not to be missed!

Said Bishop Clarence McClendon.

“Anytime you’re moving into space that is uncharted you’re gonna have haters. Jesus had haters, I teach our people that the kingdom of God is a kingdom of relational influence. And anybody you refuse to relate to, you’ve also refused to influence. When you start influencing people you’re going to get their opinions. And so, opinions come, opinions go, but I believe that we’re moving into an area where others are going to follow.”

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Check out some of what they had to say about Jesus having haters below.

Wow, okay so…Arsenio was chillin in the club getting his drank on and listening to music when he spotted his pastor close by in the venue huh? Yep makes total sense to us…how bout you?

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