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*There’s a rumor going ’round that reality star Tami Roman is bleaching her skin in an attempt to look white.

Nothing amazing about that right? Actually, we hear skin bleaching has become a popular trend worldwide. Interesting, but hey, who’s judging.

The Basketball Wives star has, however, negated such rumors and took to Twitter on Thursday morning to address the gossip.

“I see the little bootleg bloggers jumped on a bullsh*t rumor for clicks LMAO. GM world…dont believe the hype – stay blessed,” she wrote to her followers.

The rumors were prompted earlier this week after Roman posted the picture below of herself online with lighter looking skin. But here’s the thing: some fool had the nerve to attribute it to “on-camera flash.”

Now all bets are off because quite frankly, this just pisses us off.

For one, if you don’t want people to start so-called rumors and question whether you are lightening your skin, why the hell would you post such a picture, blond hair and all ?




Article and Photos Courtesy of EUR Web

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