1. They Save Big Bucks On Hair Products

Hair products are expensive! And depending on what look you’re going for, the event, the season, and the length, the amount of products someone uses at one time can be a lot. So, if that’s the case, a guy with no hair will have more cash for hot, fancy dates. Top shelf martinis for all!

2. Their Sex Drive Is Like “Whoa”

So this theory has yet to be totally proven nor totally debunked, but allegedly, the more testosterone a man has, the thinner his hair, but also, the higher his sex drive. I guess this is where we weigh what’s more important: hair or sexy times?

3. Other Physical Assets Are More Noticeable

Pearly whites? Long eye lashes? Dimples? Baby blues? While all these lovely assets probably can’t be missed on a guy with a full head of hair, when it comes to bald guys, these things “pop” even more. Stripping head hair from the situation does to a guy’s facial features, what mascara does to our eyes: emphasizes them.

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