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Evidently, 3-D movies are not frightening enough, because people with make up and remote controls are going to great lengths to scare the sh*t out of us all in real life.

Some time in 2013 a video went viral of a small(ish) man dressed up as Chucky from the “Child’s Play” horror movie franchise busting out of a bus stop display and chasing people down the street with a knife. It was every bit as funny as it sounds.

Now another rogue group of stunt people have cooked up a frightening scenario involving a small child in a metropolitan area trying to make grown people soil their pants. A baby carriage with a crying infant was unleashed on the streets of New York  to promote the new film, “Devil’s Own.”  When concerned onlookers approached they were startled by the demonic groans of Rosemary’s baby.

Watch both clips below and tell us who did a better job of scaring people:

“Devil Baby Prank”

“Bus Stop Chucky”

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