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AKRON, Ohio – UPDATE: A spokeswoman for GOJO Industries, the maker of Purell, issued an apology on behalf of the company, noting the originally tweeted apologies came from the employee who make the “stupid mistake” in the first place, which is why they were deleted. You can read their full apology at the bottom.

The pot shot seemed to come from nowhere for Cleveland fans. But it may be worse knowing it came so close to home.

On Twitter, hand sanitizer company Purell said the Denver Broncos, who were demolished in Sunday night’s Super Bowl, played like the Browns.

But Purell is owned and manufactured by Akron-based Gojo. So was it a case of a Browns fan sounding off or someone who really should have known better?


To see the tweet and Purell’s full statement, click here:

Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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