LeBron James space jam

Dang it! Fans really wanted to believe he could fly!

But let’s guess he’s staying on the court, not film.

LeBron James was rumored to star in “Space Jam 2.”

But reps for the Miami Heat star confirmed that’s not happening.

That part when fans go, “BOOOOOOOOO!!!”

But the good news is the film project has been confirmed itself.

The film is being developed by Dick Ebersol‘s sons –to be produced and written by Willieand Charlie Ebersol.

Charlie has worked on ”The Wanted” and “The Great Escape.”

The film will not be just a sequel to the original 1996 film starring NBA legend Michael Jordan, but a prequel.

Warner Bros. is definitely hoping for a second global box office hit. The original film grossed $230 million worldwide.

Check out USA Today for Twitter reactions to the announcement of the film.

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