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Explore your options. “Whether you’re at a roadside restaurant, a drive-through, or a convenience store, there’s almost always a healthy choice,” Dr. Katz points out. Look for grilled chicken, a salad, or a vegetable sandwich on whole-grain bread.

Kick the cooler. If packing a cooler involves too much prep, stick with nonperishables, such as dried fruit, nuts, and cereals. Dr. Katz chooses high-nutrient but low-cal options.

Secrets of a Toned Traveler

San Francisco-based triathlete, runner, and former fitness instructor Erica Dublin created to help women stay fit on the road. “I fly several times a month, so I know how tough it is on your body and well-being,” Dublin says.

How she does it: By taking packing to a whole new level

Satisfy your cravings. There are so many healthy fiber bars out there that taste like you’re eating a sweet treat, don’t have that many calories and have almost half a day’s worth of fiber. Also try all natural, crunchy snacks that make you feel like you’re indulging much more than you actually are.

Don’t pass the coffee shop. “I stop at a coffee shop on layovers; there’s a store in practically every terminal,” Dublin says. She relies on many of the low calorie salad and smoothie options that are available.

Drink like a fish. Dehydration is a common traveling companion, especially now that you can’t bring filled water bottles through security. Dublin sticks an empty one in her carry-on and fills it up once she gets to the gate.

Sweat in suite. Dublin packs Gaiam’s reversible travel yoga mat ($29.98,, but she kicks hotel-room workouts up a notch with this total-body towel move. On a slick surface (try the bathroom floor), start in push-up position with a single towel under both feet. Keeping legs together and abs tight, slide feet toward your chest. Slide feet back to start; do 10 reps.

Secrets of a Pumped Personal Trainer

Energizing snacks are key if you spend up to nine hours at the gym most days, like Los Angeles-based celebrity trainer Elise Gulan, who created the popular Burn Bliss class for Equinox Fitness Clubs.

How she does it: Stay pumped up

“It’s hard to inspire others if I’m tired or overweight,” says Gulan.

Spicy Trail Mix. Gulan mixes 1/4 cup of almonds; 1/8 cup of chopped dates, apricots or cranberries; plus a dash each of salt and cayenne pepper for a 220-calorie snack that supplies lasting energy.

Healthy Granola Bars. 120- to 140-calorie bars often contain whole grains, nuts, and sun-dried fruit — and enough fiber and protein to fill you up without weighing you down.

Hard-boiled eggs. For affordable, high-quality protein, Gulan takes a crack at these.

Gulan’s Workout Wisdom

Fuel your body. Gulan recommends having a small snack 30 minutes before a workout. “Exercising on an empty stomach, especially in the morning, when your body has essentially been fasting for hours, can cause dizziness and nausea,” she explains.

Treat yourself. But not with food. Instead, set aside an hour of “you” time for every hour you exercise. Use it the same day to read a good book or soak in the tub, Gulan suggests, or take a whole night for yourself at the end of the week.

Skip sweats. After you shower, slip into a figure-flattering outfit instead of comfy, elastic-waistband pants. “You’ll notice how amazing you look and feel after a workout and be less likely to overeat,” Gulan says.

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