CLEVELAND – The City of Cleveland is not kidding around when it comes to enforcing the open container law during this Sunday’s Browns tailgate at the Cleveland Muni lot.

Last Sunday Cleveland Police officers alerted dozens of Browns fans that open container alcohol consumption will no longer be tolerated. contacted Cleveland City Hall about the increased enforcement and the Mayor’s office and Cleveland Police issued the following statement:

“Open containers of beer or an intoxicating liquor are prohibited in the city’s municipal lot as stated in section 617.07 of the city’s codified ordinances. The city of Cleveland and Division of Police regularly patrol the lot on game days in an effort to ensure compliance to the law. The city will maintain established public health and safety patrols and will continue to advise all lot visitors of rules and regulations for game day tailgating.”

Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman has the Muni lot in his ward, and doesn’t understand why the city has decided to make this move during week three of the NFL season.

“I want to know from the chief of police why we’re doing this now,” said Cimperman. We haven’t had a hearing in the safety committee. We haven’t seen any data, other than we’re going to start enforcing it.”


To read about the rules and changes, click here:

Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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