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Beautiful, driven and intense are just a few of the words that describe actress Sanaa Lathan. She forever has solidified her place in Hollywood with her breakout role in “Love & Basketball.” And while she loves the glitz and glamour of film and Broadway, she never takes her health for granted. The talented actress said, “I have so much to be grateful for. First of all, my health.” Lathan mentioned that she was raised to be conscious of the effects of food on the body. So she said that she goes through phases of being vegan or she will try a raw-food cleanse. She also tries to stick to just 1200 calories a day to maintain that nice figure we’ve grown to love and appreciate. But occasionally, she does binge on her favorite foods.

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“It was instilled in me at a young age, how you treat your body is really important,” said Lathan. “We had an aloe vera plant in the house, and if I’d get a cut or scrape my mother would cut off a piece and apply the aloe. I saw firsthand how these things really work. Now we’re at a time where we have Whole Foods, everything is green and everyone is going organic.”

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