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The NFL was found to be unaware of the Ray Rice (pictured) elevator assault video before its official release, per an investigative report released Thursday.

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“We have found no evidence that anyone at the League received or viewed the in-elevator video prior to its public release,” the report said. The NFL commissioned the document from former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III to determine if anyone in the league had seen the tape previously.

However, the report did suggest they knew something about the February 2014 event, and that “should have put the league on notice of a need to undertake a more thorough investigation to obtain available evidence of precisely what occurred inside the elevator.”

As The New York Times noted in its headline, the NFL “chose not to ask too many questions.”

If they had done a better investigation, the report says, the league might have discovered additional information about the incident and even obtained the tape before it became public.

Mueller had his investigators check the computers and mobile devices from NFL’s senior executives and Commissioner Roger Goodell to see if they contained the video. They reviewed over 3 million documents in total.

They also looked at “every outgoing phone call from the NFL” to make extra sure the organization and its reps were telling the truth.

Giants owner John Mara and Steelers President Art Rooney III issued a joint statement lauding the report.

“Mr. Mueller’s report is detailed, extensive and thorough. His investigators reviewed millions of documents, emails and text messages,” the statement read. It also assured them that Goodell deserves his position.

“We have every confidence that Roger Goodell is the right person to lead the league as we move forward,” it concluded.

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