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Sex on furniture outside of the bedroom can help to bring variety to a sexual experience, but when lounging pieces are designed to bring ease and comfort to the body during sex they make erotic moments even greater. Little about sex enhancing furniture is commonly known by the sexual traditionalist, but there are several products on the market that have been ergonomically designed with sex positioning in mind. Nothing says “I take my sex life seriously” than owning a sophisticated piece of furniture dedicated specifically to enrich the lovemaking experience.  Take a look at these five amazing pieces of furniture that will change the way you have sex.

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“The Essence Chair” by Revel Furniture $2700

The Essence isn’t the ordinary piece of sex furniture made to be hidden in the dark corners of a closet.    The brainchild of Kevin and Erin Jensen, a loving couple with a passion for displaying the importance of intimacy in every aspect of life, this stylish rocking chair is created with the modern couple in mind.  Crafted in the U.S. from solid Red Oak, the Essence Chair is light enough to lift yet is durable enough to support the weight of two grown adults. The chair rocks into several positions thanks to the curved rail system at its base, and is built using steel brackets and bearings rated to withstand 1,000 pounds. The Essence Chair features cushions made from an anti-microbial vegan alternative “ultraleather” that acclimates instantaneously to a person’s body temperature, is stain resistant and easy to clean. Its classic design is sleek enough to fit with the design aesthetic of any living room set and its functionality fits the size, shape and skillset of any individual. It even comes with a companion ottoman. The price may be a bit out of the budget range for the average couple looking to add a unique piece to their stash of sexual aids, but this price tag is well worth it considering the Essence Chair is fully customizable right down to the color of the wood. To purchase and to find out more information about the Essence Chair, visit

“Tantra Chair” by A.J. Vitaro $1299

Beautiful in its craftsmanship and designed to fit the natural curvature of the human form, the Tantra Chair is the only chair of its kind that incorporates a patented dual-arc system.  Handcrafted from the world’s finest antimicrobial, eco-friendly synthesized leather, the Tantra Chair features curves made to enhance the lovemaking experience. Easy to clean, cool on the skin and moisture resistant are just a few of the features of this chair that can be customized in ten different colors.  The option to add brass or pewter nailheads as an elegant accent is also an available option in personalizing the Tantra Chair.  The central contour of the chair is the main aspect of this sex furniture that changes the angle of the pelvis for both partners and facilitates in the execution of hundreds of sex positions.  For more information about the Tantra Chair, how to use it and to customize your own purchase visit

“Esse Chaise” by Liberator $425

Liberator is known for its sexy yet functional furniture for couples who desire to bring an ease to sex positioning, and the Esse Chaise does just that. Lower to the ground for partners with shorter legs to access the floor and easy to straddle for partners of any size, this chaise serves as the perfect bedroom accessory to enhance any sexual experience. When the Esse Chaise isn’t being used during sex it serves as a contemporary lounger for reading, napping or receiving a massage. Great for supporting the head, neck and back this sexy piece of furniture is ideal for couples who have previous neck or back injuries. For more information on the Esse Chaise and to purchase, visit

“Love Lounge” by Love Bumper starts at $290

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