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ACNN panel erupted after Democratic strategist and CNN commentator Keith Boykin, who could barely hold back his contempt, remarked that he was ashamed of  Donald Trump surrogate Paris Dennard “as an African American.”

The panel of four black commentators was discussing Trump’s failed response to violence and domestic terrorism that took place in over Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend.

Dennard was defending Trump when an obviously frustrated Boykin questioned his blackness. Dennard responded, saying he was “well aware” his blackness, prompting Boykin to quip, “Are you?

Keith, don’t go there. Do not go there!” Dennard shot back. “I know what it means to be a black man in this country. And I experience racism on a regular basis by being a Trump supporter and a proud American who happens to be a Republican.

Dennard said that he has received many racist remarks against himself and his family, mostly “from Black people.” He added that his family had experienced racist violence from the KKK in Georgia.

The two continued to  throw verbal jabs, with Boykin saying, Dennard disrespects African Americans every day he comes on CNN.

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SOURCE: Raw Story

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