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Is the brotha right or wrong?  Murder Inc. CEO/Founder, Irv Gotti, while a guest on the Wendy Williams show had to check then declare check mate on Wendy Williams when she brought up the subject of his love life while divorcing.  Then Irv Gotti had to remind Wendy that yo sis you doin the same thing, right?

Irv Gotti sat down with Wendy Williams to clears up rumors about his affair with Ashanti, the Murder Inc. tour and his love life.  Irv Gotti says dating while separated is just a formality in divorce, and when married couples separate they are not getting back together therefore it’s not cheating.  Irv say’s the ink doesn’t have to dry on the divorce papers to get your swerve on as a matter of fact he had to remind Wendy Williams that is separated and getting a divorce that is not final yet that he has seen her out get her swerve on, so why is it a double standard for men?

Does Irv Gotti got a point?  Is there a double standard when it comes to men and women dating while separated?  Does the ink have to dry for you to date?

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