Ooo weee Ashanti said that Irv Gotti is a liar when the truth would do. Irv Gotti has been going on the record saying that Ashanti was singing ‘Rain On Me’ to him and Ashanti has been for the most part silent about it.  Until now…Ashanti went on a podcast with Angie Martinez and said […]

Everybody loves a good documentary especially if you remember the story going down in real time back in the day, especially if the documentary is juicy and factual. However Irv Gotti feels he gave the people what they wanted as far as a documentary goes but he is getting slandered for just simply telling the […]

Loose lips sink ships and kissing and telling can get in legal trouble. Irv Gotti has been a trending for going on ‘Drink Champs’ saying that he and Ashanti were making each other ‘Happy’ 20 years ago, so much so, that Irv said he inspired Ashanti musically until she dipped on him for Nelly. How […]

R&B singer Brandy would have made Whitney Houston proud when she slayed The National Anthem to kick off the NFC Championship game on Sunday, however in the opposite corner R&B singer Ashanti experienced a mic malfunction while singing The National Anthem to kick off the AFC Championship game on Sunday. Team work makes, the dream work!! Much […]

How does that saying go?  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?  Well today Ashanti dropped the news that part of not being broke is reclaiming what is rightfully yours in a music industry that is more lucrative to the artists.  So with that being said Ashanti is re-recording her BEST CONTEMPORARY R&B ALBUM Grammy […]

These classics rep an era of baggy clothes, rockin' house parties and colorful music videos. Today we revisit 21 throwbacks in anticipation of The Millennium Tour 2021.

With summer just a few months away, people all over the country are toning up to look their best in heated anticipation of warmer weather. And while many of us strive to shed a bit of “quarantine weight,” it appears Ashanti hasn’t missed a beat, as the R&B singer shared some very eye-catching photos online. […]

Over 1 million views were pumped to watch the classic showdown of Keyshia Cole vs. Ashanti last night after COVID-19 derailed the original event but with further delay (Keyshia Cole was an hour late) the main event did finally go down. Working music fans were either late this morning or tired as hell because once […]

The Verzuz phenomenon has been giving us great entertainment through this entire pandemic thus far and Timbaland and Swizz Beatz aren’t letting up.  The next epic battle is scheduled to go down on Instagram Live this Saturday, December 12th at 8pm with two Queens that started of in the business as two little young princesses, […]

It’s official, Keyshia Cole put it out there that she was gearing up to battle someone on VERZUZ but now it’s official, Keyshia Cole will go head to head with Murder Inc.’s Queen Ashanti. According to the official announcement from VERZUZ, Keyshia Cole will go note for note with Ashanti on Instagram Live, Saturday, December […]

Is the brotha right or wrong?  Murder Inc. CEO/Founder, Irv Gotti, while a guest on the Wendy Williams show had to check then declare check mate on Wendy Williams when she brought up the subject of his love life while divorcing.  Then Irv Gotti had to remind Wendy that yo sis you doin the same […]

Just in time for Good Friday and the celebration of Easter, look at God!! Clevelands own Erika Kayne went from karaoke at work to viral sensation stopped by the Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK then hopped on a plane to slay Time Square live on ‘Good Morning America’. Erika Kayne decided to put her […]