Irv Gotti

Ooo weee Ashanti said that Irv Gotti is a liar when the truth would do. Irv Gotti has been going on the record saying that Ashanti was singing ‘Rain On Me’ to him and Ashanti has been for the most part silent about it.  Until now…Ashanti went on a podcast with Angie Martinez and said […]

Everybody loves a good documentary especially if you remember the story going down in real time back in the day, especially if the documentary is juicy and factual. However Irv Gotti feels he gave the people what they wanted as far as a documentary goes but he is getting slandered for just simply telling the […]

Loose lips sink ships and kissing and telling can get in legal trouble. Irv Gotti has been a trending for going on ‘Drink Champs’ saying that he and Ashanti were making each other ‘Happy’ 20 years ago, so much so, that Irv said he inspired Ashanti musically until she dipped on him for Nelly. How […]

Irv Gotti during a recent interview on the ‘Drink Champs’ podcast (see video below) decided to air out some old dirty laundry that has got some folks upset.  According to Irv Gotti he ‘got’ Ashanti, while he was still married, Irv also claims that he was the motivation that produced ‘Happy’.  He also claims Ashanti […]

Ja Rule Verzuz Fat Joe this past Tuesday was cool but it’s the Verzuz shady after party that is lit !! It’s no secret that Ja Rule and 50 Cent have no love for each other and when rumors started circulating that 50 Cent was going to crash the Verzuz stage at the Hulu Theater at Madison […]

Sometimes when people die close to us, along with grief, people sometimes get caught up telling details about what happened to the person to cause their death however the people that are closest to the person that has passed away may not want other people to know every detail of what happened.  But as the […]

Is the brotha right or wrong?  Murder Inc. CEO/Founder, Irv Gotti, while a guest on the Wendy Williams show had to check then declare check mate on Wendy Williams when she brought up the subject of his love life while divorcing.  Then Irv Gotti had to remind Wendy that yo sis you doin the same […]

Rapper 50 Cent has been kind of harsh on people on his Instagram (Vivica Fox, Meek Mills etc.). Well Murder Inc’s Irv Gotti has decided to slap back by posting an alleged legal document on his Instagram that names 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) as being an informant plus Irv’s break down of 50…see post below […]