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Mental illness is just as real as the virus we are battling right now, and unfortunately for some because of the pandemic may have the stress of it compiling with their mental illness or are off their meds, but clearly we have to prayer for them as well.

Child star Orlando Brown, AKA Blanket according to the video, who has been in the news before for his erratic behavior, went on a tirade on his Instagram live claiming that everybody’s claim of childhood molestation of choice, Michael Jackson, raped him.  However the shocker is when, the clearly not in his right mind, Orlando Brown, made those same claims that Will Smith molested him as well as his kids, all while wielding a very large knife, and professing what he wants to do to him when he see’s him and quoting the Bible.

“Every time I see you I want to slice your neck, motherf***ker. You really really have to understand what the Bible says bro. The Bible says out of your mother and your father for your days are long, n***a. I’d killed you for that reason b***h. Don’t you ever get on the motherf***ing TV show and act like I’m the motherf***ing rapist.”

Orlando Brown also made claims that Will Smith was his dad.

It is so sad, Orlando Brown looks just as bad as he sounds in the video.

Let’s keep Orlando Brown uplifted in our prayers as we want to see this young man get some help and more importantly not hurt someone else.


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