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There have been a lot going on in Cleveland and all over the country for quite a while now with demonstrations that have been taking place to honor and remember George Floyd, whose life was taken at the hands of four Minneapolis Police officers.

While those protests have peaceful at times, there have been those that later turned violent, and it was no exception what happened in The Land on May 30 when a lot of businesses and buildings were destroyed and robbed.

Yet, with Cleveland being known for having great communities in the area, saw lots of individuals and groups come together to help clean up the areas in Downtown that were hit during the demonstration.

Among them were a group of students from a school on the city’s east side who were more than willing to help.

From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland:

Bringing brooms and pans, a small group of Wade Park School students headed downtown Sunday morning on a mission to help.

Several students who took part in the cleanup effort said they were surprised by the extent of the damage.

Students who take part in the school’s student ambassador program have not only participated in events and activities throughout the area, but they have “also traveled to cities including Washington D.C. and Atlanta to empower students elsewhere.”

They took part in the clean up in Downtown, because they love Cleveland, and did not like seeing the city being “messed up.”  They also saw that the anger of the protesters who took part in the violence did it out of “anger,” and not “for justice.”

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Article and Video Courtesy of WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland

First Picture Courtesy of David Shvartsman and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of Harold Stiver / EyeEm and Getty Images

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