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Big Boy has decided to remove the mascot that basically lives up to its name for the restaurant chain after being its face for decades.

Instead, there’s a new character named “Dolly,” she is helping to introduce its new chicken sandwich, in which it’s called “The Dolly Chicken Sandwich.”  Both the new mascot and tasty item were introduced on Twitter.


If that chicken sandwich looks familiar, it almost looks like the ones at Chick-fil-A, and of course that one Popeyes introduced last year.

From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland:

It’s part of a promotional campaign announcing the release of the chain’s new fried chicken sandwich, but Frank Alessandrini, Big Boy director of training, said Big Boy could be going bye-bye.

“We are rolling out a brand-new chicken sandwich. We’re calling it the best cluckin’ chicken sandwich around, and Dolly, who has been with Big Boys since the 1950(s) as far as we can go back with our comic books,” Alessandrini said.

While the Big Boy name is staying put for right now, don’t be surprised if they do away with that as well as the former mascot “was the star of his double-decker sandwich.”

The change to remove the restaurant chain’s mascot was more in line with business that with the different climates going on nationally.

Would you try this new “Dolly” chicken sandwich, or are you content with the other restaurants?


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