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Singer and songwriter Kandi Burruss has crafted hits for some of R&B’s most iconic groups, but the art of making music isn’t always pretty. During an Instagram live chat with The O’Jays singer Eddie Levert and his daughter Ryan, Burruss recalled a few notable moments from her songwriting career.

“I’ve had a lot of great people that were easy to work with,” the Houswives star said. “Once we got into the flow, Destiny’s Child was easy to work with. It was just that initial getting to know each other phase, once we got cool with each other that was amazing. TLC, I mean, I had a great relationship. Even after ‘No Scrubs’ I worked with them again on the next album. So, they are like one of my favorite artists to work with.”

When it came to experiences that were not as pleasant, Burruss said her time with Boyz II Men topped the list.

“Ain’t no love lost, I mean, this is 100 years later, so it doesn’t even matter. But yeah, I had a bad experience in the studio with Boyz II Men,” Burruss said.

“It wasn’t about the singing at all…We fell out after that. It was an issue. I don’t think I’ve ever been disrespected like that before in a studio in my life. It was crazy, really. But at the end of the day that was a long time ago. Clearly, you know, we’ve moved past that or whatever.”

According to Burruss, attitudes created tension that took her totally by surprise, considering she had established relationships with some of the group members before they began work.

“It was kind of weird for me, we were friends prior — well, some of us were cool. …I knew a few of them.  We had hung out different times prior to being in the studio working together. So it was kind of unexpected to me that working together would have that result. It wasn’t a good situation.”

Burruss worked with Boyz II Men on the song “Good Guy,” featured on the group’s 2000 album, Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya.

Next up for Burruss is a reunion with fellow Xscape members for an upcoming “Verzuz” battle against SWV. The highly anticipated showdown will take place next Saturday (May 8) at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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