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There are those who live in Detroit that are considering a move to a city away from Michigan.  The answer as to which is the preferred city may surprise you.

If you thought it would any of the “bigger” cities like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, you would be wrong!

So what is the popular destination to consider moving away from Detroit?  That would be Cleveland in Ohio.

Cleveland is the “top destination” to pursue buying a home, according to Redfin.

This study reveals how “Americans take advantage of the flexibility around remote work to live somewhere that’s more affordable, closer to family and has warmer weather” as the pandemic is slowing down a bit.

Detroit came in at number ten in Redfin’s study of its users considering a home out-of-state.  In both the “Top Destination” and “Top Out-of-State Destination” categories, Cleveland was tops.

Here is the entire top ten list and if you see for yourself, those “bigger cities” don’t appear to be all that appealing to a lot of residents who are looking to move.

From WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

The data showed 30.6% of Redfin users searched for a home outside their metro area in April, up 26% in April 2020.

1. New York — buyers moving to Boston.

2. San Francisco — buyers moving to Seattle.

3. Los Angeles — buyers moving to Las Vegas.

4. Washington, D.C. — buyers moving to Salisbury, Md.

5. Denver — buyers moving to Seattle.

6. Seattle — buyers moving to Phoenix.

7. Chicago — buyers moving to Cape Coral, Fl.

8. Milwaukee — buyers moving to Chicago.

9. Boston — buyers moving to Portland, Maine.

10. Detroit — buyers moving to Cleveland.

Cleveland appears to be a popular choice for potential new homeowners coming from Detroit.  Makes since, considering both cities are close to each other with more than two hours to and from one another.

Not to mention they are both musical cities with Cleveland being the Rock and Roll Capitol and Detroit also having been known as the Motown City.

One major factor, though, that is driving those living in Detroit to seek a chance to move to Cleveland is cost.  Cleveland is a lot more cheaper to live than in Detroit.

According to, Detroit is “20.7% more expensive” compared to Cleveland.  The website also has the “Median Home Cost” at $53,500 for Cleveland with $53,700 for Detroit.  That’s $200 difference.

This also comes as Cleveland is getting a lot more positive press nationally in recent years, despite the COVID-19 pandemic putting some of that momentum to a halt.

Still, it is cool to see The Land getting some love.

So why do you think Detroit residents are leaving for Cleveland and which of the two cities do you prefer?


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Article Courtesy of WEWS News 5 Cleveland

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Second Picture Courtesy of Mike Kline (notkalvin) and Getty Images

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