VIDEO: How Can We Celebrate Black Marriage?

By Abiola Abrams April 22, 2010 1:00 pm

While some are still kvetching about whether successful black women can or can’t find a man, some like filmmaker Lamar Tyler and his wife Ronnie Tyler are taking positive steps to tell other stories. 

After Nightline, check out these clips of African American men and women talking about the power and beauty of marriage, and the work it takes to be successful in love. You Saved Me

The popular blog is only the first step that Lamar and Ronnie Tyler are taking to role model healthy love and promote positive images and stories about marriage. Their beautiful new film You Saved Me is headed to Atlanta next. Find the schedule here or order You Saved Me on Amazon. Great work, Lamar and Ronnie!

About You Saved Me:

With African American marriage numbers at an all time low and African American divorce numbers at an all time high the hopes of positive, lasting, relationships look bleak until now. Executive Producers Lamar and Ronnie Tyler bring real married couples to the screen to chronicle the greatest love stories ever told.

These real couples explain how their marriages had a direct impact on their lives. Featuring candid and transparent looks inside of the hardships, trials, and ultimate success stories of these amazing couples, YOU SAVED ME offers an unprecedented look inside of real relationships and what is required to sustain them.

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