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Netflix's "True Story" New York Screening

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Everyone has dreams and in order to achieve dreams you have to set goals.  But what happens when you don’t have dreams?

You get Kevin Hart.

This past holiday weekend Kevin Hart is the number 1 trender on Netflix by showing you a totally different Kevin Hart with his limited series True Story  which is Kevin Harts first dramatic TV role staring along side veteran actor Wesley Snipes.  In True Story, Kevin Hart blends reality with fiction into the darker side of celebrity status.  However with this different side of Kevin Hart in fiction, Kevin Hart in non-fiction knows you have to be a multifaceted of things to achieve wealth but Kevin Hart ‘It’s not about the money’.

Wealth: abundance of valuable material possessions or resources

Comedian/actor Kevin Hart understands that wealth comes from more than being just an actor/comedian in order to achieve goals in life you have to add entrepreneur/businessman to that title/resume and through his Hart Beat that is exactly what his is/has, doing/done.  42 year old Philadelphia native Kevin Hart opened up about the meaning that he hopes his ambitions to be a billionaire by age 45 sends and how he used his street smarts to create a booming business.

Take a listen to Kevin Hart talk about his big picture in life in the video below.

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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