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It seems like the world has gone buck wild coming out of the pandemic, where the hearing of mass shootings, car-jackings in broad daylight, police brutality, racism on high and senseless murders in the news everyday, all day.  It doesn’t seem like anywhere is safe anymore nor no matter who you are.  As it is now being reported that, ‘Nappy Roots’ member Fish scales was kidnapped, robbed, shot and left in front of his own brewery in Atlanta.

Melvin “Fish Scales” Adams was leaving his establishment, Atlantucky Brewery, around 11pm, when two men held Fish Scales and a customer at gunpoint.  The customer was Abe to get away however Fish Scales forced to drive to his Hapeville home, just south of Atlanta, when he attempted to free himself from the kidnappers when he was shot in the leg.  The kidnappers then took off and Fish Scales was able to get to a neighbors house and call the police before being taken to the hospital.

Fish Scales, member of the Grammy-nominated group Nappy Roots band, is recovering, and hoping to get back to work soon however his abductors are still at large.

Take a look at the video below.

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