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The city of Euclid has been getting hit hard with vehicle thefts lately, and they all seemingly stem from viral videos posted to social media.

Kias and Hyuandis have been the target of grand theft for months. It’s happening all across the country. Viral videos on social media have reportedly shown how this can be done.

But there are things car owners can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to them.

Via FOX 8

Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer says his department has received dozens of reports of stolen Kias in the past few weeks.

“It’s at least one a day,” Meyer told the FOX 8 I-Team Tuesday. “The numbers of theft reports on these vehicles are huge. This issue has increased in just the last two months. Prior to that, we didn’t have as much of an issue but we are seeing an explosion in thefts particularly of Kias and some Hyundais.”

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To finish reading this report from FOX 8, [click here].

So what can be done to ensure your vehicle isn’t the next one to be stolen?

According to, the solution could be easier than you may think.

The Club.

That’s right, the old-school anti-theft instrument that fits into your steering wheel. It’s important to note that this device, or any similar one, won’t have the ability to stop thieves from gaining access to your vehicle or starting the engine, but it will make it exceptionally difficult to steer. If a thief is looking for a quick getaway and they notice the car has a device like this, it may persuade them to leave your car alone.