Whether you’re a victim of the economic downturn or just want to generate some extra income, creating a side hustle is a viable solution to the light pocket dilemma. Depending on the side hustle, a person shouldn’t have to spend much financial capital. However, expect to put in a decent amount of elbow grease and time to get your new business off the ground. The following are five hot side-hustles that can create your own private stimulus plan:

Blogger – It seems like everybody and their mama has a blog so why shouldn’t you. If you have a passion for a certain topic and have a way with words, you could make some extra paper blogging. Most bloggers make their money using ads placed on the site. The more eyes on your blog, the more money in your pocket. It could take some time to build up a following, so you might want to shop your talents around to some of your favorite blogs. Not only are you generating an income, you’re also one step closer to becoming cyber-famous which is kind of cool in itself.

Medical Trials – I know, I know it seems weird, but don’t shut the idea down just yet. The pharmaceutical companies are hard at work trying to solve everything from the common cold to HIV/AIDS and cancer. Before they can bring their next medical miracle to the masses, they need to test it on human beings. Participants can make anywhere from $25 – $6000. An added perk is that the company provides free health care during the duration of the trial which can come in handy for those of us without health insurance. Check out to find a trial near you.