Is Being A Cougar A Smart Move ?

By yeahshesaidit April 30, 2010 3:30 pm

The rumor mill is on fire with allegations that Halle Berry and her young model boyfriend have ended their 6 year long relationship. According to a “source”, the two split because the age difference finally caught up with the Gabriel Aubry who is much younger than Berry. Apparently he found himself attracted to other women and wanting to have sexual encounters with them. Rather than cheat on Ms. Berry, he decided to end the relationship. I give Aubry kudos for being man enough to share his feeling with Berry instead of taking the loser route and smiling in her face while cheating on her.

I’m Young, Married And I Want A Divorce

I always find women who date younger man alluring. I could never have the nerve to embark on a serious relationship with a man ten years plus younger than me. To me it always seemed like an unsafe route. Like you should expect for your heart to be broken eventually by dealing with someone so much younger than you. I think how brave they must be because it seems too risky for a sista like myself. In my mind, I think that eventually the age difference would catch up with the couple and cause tension or other issues between the two. People change as they grow older and if you are dating a man younger than you then you already are taking the risk that he is not as mature mentally as you are, that he is not ready to settle down with one woman and still has some running around to do.

Rumor: Hall Berry Dumped Again

In fact I cannot think of many relationships where the woman was significantly older than the man and it was successful. On the contrary there are relationships where an older man dates a younger woman but as I stated earlier, women tend to mature faster than men.

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