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As we previously reported, several cops in East Cleveland have been fired and charged with a host of crimes. This morning ten of them pleaded not guilty and were slapped with $10,000 bonds.

The charges include assault, corruption, civil rights violations, and other crimes. A total of 16 former officers in East Cleveland are included in these charges.

From FOX 8:

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In March, Cuyahoga County prosecutor Mike O’Malley shared body camera video showing what he described as “appalling behavior.” The video showed citizens stomped, kicked, repeatedly tased, and punched. Many of them had their hands up or were otherwise defenseless.

O’Malley said he was especially disturbed by a video of an officer who appears to purposely run into a suspect with his cruiser.

To see the entire FOX 8 report, [click here].

Pretrial for the 10 officers who pleaded guilty today will commence on April 11.

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