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Closeup of traffic security camera surveillance CCTV on the road in the big city.


Judge Deborah Nicastro of Garfield Heights has recently determined that traffic cameras set up in Newburgh Heights were done so illegally. The village now faces a sizeable fine of over $80,000.

Judge Nicastro ruled that the area cameras on I-77 were illegal because they were never filed with the court. As a result, the tickets issued and fines collected were done so against the law. The judge ordered the city to now register the tickets, and to pay a $9 filing fee for each one – bringing the total fine to just about $85,000.

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FOX 8 initially reported the story.

From FOX 8:

The order also says the village ceased filing I-77 tickets with the court around March 16.

The judge has said she was told village officials did not want to pay the $9 filing fee. The court order names the Newburgh Heights mayor, the police chief and the company that processes the tickets.  

If the people in Newburgh don’t pay the appropriate fines then they’re subject to jail time.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

To read the initial report from FOX 8, [click here].


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