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Shot’s fired!!  Dj Akademiks unceremoniously goes in on Erykah Badu disrespectfully.

Likes, shares and comments on social media is a crazy thing, because depending on which one of the things you do it can be perceived that you are being disrespectful with out volume.  Whats even crazier is that people will go from zero to 100 in a matter of 60 seconds over something someone did in 6 seconds.  What worse is when someone goes in on you for doing nothing at all.

The Neighborhood Talk made a post about Tory Lanez being sentenced, someone made a comment on the post mentioning Erykah Badu’s name.  Dj Akademiks went off about the comment, disrespecting Erykah Badu for just being mentioned in the comment.

“I never f**ked with Erykah Badu after she was tryna come on my show and be funny. B**ch, I don’t f**k with you after that. N**ga, wassup now? What we finna do? B**ch, you an old a** h**. [You] just keep getting f**ked by all these young n**gas.”

“B**ch, f**k you. How many rappers done ran through you? Nutted in you? How many young rappers you chased?”

Erykah Badu responded to Dj Akademiks rant with a video of her own.  Ms. Badu said that she just learned that something she said 5 years ago has triggered trauma, and hurt them.  What she said had them in these streets acting real pussy, so in honor of that a bottle of ‘Pussy’ is on sale at 5pm.

WOW!!  Take a listen to what DJ Akademiks said and Erykah Badu’s response in the video below.

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